Wow, has it been that long since the last post? Lots of things going on in life that has slowed me up a bit to gettin' 'er done! But.... I'm back I want this done by the summer and in the water. Sorry for tapping out on my project but sometimes things just get in the way. I am currently looking for some work space to use this winter around my home area and I hope to get working again soon on the project. Thanks for keep checking in and I hope to get some new updates in soon.

1 Down 1 To Go

Ok the Mastercraft is running!! After help from my guy at work John Pesa he suggested it was probably the timing and after a few adjustments shes running like a top. Finally a boat running in the water after a year of pain.

Now lets get the GT running...

Shake, Rattle 'N' Roll

Ok new update on the Mastercraft again... Bad ignition was the diagnosis and when the Mastercraft guy is scratching his head and shrugging his shoulders you know your in trouble. Took a bit to figure it out but it was the ignition.

So off I went the next day to buy an ignition what do I know I figured they are all alike WRONG. So I kill myself cramped up in a 1'x1' hole replacing the wrong ignition FUN... Next day I buy correct ignition go back into hole and replace. 3-2-1 she fires up YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Time for a test drive at once I knew something isn't right I've had this boat 16 years and this wasn't my boat. First off its shaking which mechanic says is due to it sitting BS I know better. All stop ahead check all fluids and "wella" I'm down 2 qts of oil after a new engine replacement last year which has never been started. Grrrr......... Mechanics can really piss me off sometimes.

Once again I get her warmed up and up to speed to only hear funny sounds coming from the engine area power is not what I am use to see and in the turns my boat is moving like its pregnant. Time to shut her down and call for help again. Mechanic is due out in a day they claim the timing is probably off. So I wait yet again for something to be fixed and in the meantime I'll buy my boat a watch.

Lets not even talk about the GT yet sorry but I'm going broke fixing the Mastercraft. No worries it will get done eventually.


3-2-1 Nothing!!!

Saturday was boat day! I was home working like mad to finally get the Mastercraft back in the water. Vacuumed everything, washed everything, vinyl stickers of boat name on, water pump installed and working, seats scrubbed, new speedometer installed, dash reassembled, Windshield installed, floor painted with texture paint, batteries charged and installed with terminals cleaned, de-winterized boat by installing all plugs and were ready to put in the water! Ready to turn key to check that we have ignition 3-2-1 nothing!!!!! Just a weird click sound and then all power to the boat goes dead. Checks fuses checks battery connection all good still nothing. Hmmm... 5 minutes later the blower comes on all by itself must be a reset switch on the engine. So we try it again with the same results 5 minutes later I got power again. Time to call it a night as rain is due for the next 5 days so I'll ask around and try to figure it out let us hope its something simple I can't not have it running this year.... SIGH

Update: After a call to Mastercraft they feel it is a battery terminal connection problem. I have two batteries with a switch one of them I know is dead so... In theory if I switch over to the good battery "ONLY" it should turn over. I'll check it out and put a charge on the other dead battery. SO close to being on the water again...


Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

OK, I finally got off my butt this weekend and got out the grinder to remove the stringers and bow pieces of wood. Everything I cut into to release the fiberglass had termites pouring out of it. THOUSANDS of them!!!

I'm not real good with bugs and they were everywhere. With some phobias conquered and a hose I went to war and glad can report a victory. I was too freaked out to remember to take some pics of course which I regret now because it would have made an excellent picture.

Glad to report that most of the cutting is done now I need to clean up the hull and grind off the excess fiberglass in spots. I also need to finish cutting out the transom. Next weekend will be the goal for finishing up the clean out of the boat hull and starting on the rebuild!

I've been a bit lazy with the camera I'll get on it and get some progress pics posted in a few days.

Looks like I am not going to make my project completion deadline but it will get done and I'll be glad I didn't sacrifice along the way. I intend to keep this boat for a while.

Hope all of you are starting to enjoy the nicer weather up north and looking forward to a great summer. Now if I can just find some time I can get some of my to do list done!!!


Amazing Transformation

As I've said in recent posts I've been working on my 1994 Mastercraft Maristar VRS225 I had planned on getting it painted as I figured the paint was too far gone with 15 years of fading and scratches. I mean the gel coat in my opinion was gone!

I brought my boat to my guy Parrot Pete and within a few hours he had half the boat stripped of old stickers and major scratching he then took a spot and used the 3-4 grits with wet sanding and I was floored. Black Glass is back!

My wife will not believe I didn't paint it I think. Thanks to some good advice I may have saved a few thousand dollars. Hope to have the boat in the water in a week or two and finally enjoy a full summer of use. Pictures to follow soon.


Here's Johnny !!!

Well no more excuses now. Its spring the day was cool and I had nothing to do but get busy on the boat. First the easy stuff using the heat gun on the remaining boat stickers made short order of that task! Now I am all ready for sanding.

Then the moment of truth I must cut out the back of the boat that is fiberglassed to the transom to remove the top. A few well placed cut thanks to some great pictures from some blog friends and it was easier than I thought POP just like that it released. Woke my neighbor from his Sunday nap and the two of us with some help from my wife separated the boat top from the hull.

The dogs thought this was very cool so I took them for an imaginary ride! They seemed to like it. They don't care so long as its nice out and the wind is blowing. I had to make engine noises for effect.

Looking over the boats hull there is still plenty of work to do I must cut out the stringers and with my track record of twice going through the hull I'm not very confident I can stop screwing this up. But what the hell... So I plug in my sawzall and don my mask... *Evil Grin* Here's Johnny!!!!!!!!!


Revenge of the Power Washer

Once I got home from work today I couldn't help but go outside and enjoy the first true day of spring here. It was sunny, warm, and beautiful and I looked at both my boats covered in 6 months of debris and knew what I had to do.

I found my pressure washer and got it cleaned off put some new spark plugs in it and gassed it up. Ready, set, go...... WHOOSH I'm soaked!!! The wand blew up due to a cracked brass valve in the handle. Off to Lowe's for a new wand.

30 minutes later I'm back the wand is repaired the pressure washer is running I squeeze the trigger and dirt, debris, mold, and stuff go flying muhahahahahahaaaa! This is the only way to clean the hell with the scrubbers. Another 3o minutes and my boat looks my my dog after a bath... beaten down, dripping wet, and oh so squeaky clean.

Now for the doggies. "Noah!!! Max!!!! Come! I got a treat for you!" J/K : )

Plus they have a personal shower room with body sprays and steam.


Double Trouble

Well I was working on the Mastercraft this week and I couldn't leave well enough alone. As I was bolting in the reupholstered seats I was busy ripping out carpet, the floor and a host of other things that were getting old and bothering me. Not that I had enough to do with the GT150 now I have to get fixed what I messed up in the Mastercraft LOL Ah well a few more weeks until I can launch the Mastercraft anyway which gives me a few more poker nights OH GOD please let me crush all the fish so I can boat this year... : )

Anyway its all good working on the Glastron has inspired me to fix the Mastercraft back up to par as well. Next year I hope to actually repaint the Mastercraft and bring it back to new condition its been 13 years now that I've owned it and it really is a great boat. To replace it now is $70,000 after sticker discount! Why my wife left me at the boat show and went home alone telling me I was crazy 13 years ago when I traded in my old boat for that one plus $25,000 I still have no idea I told her it was a great deal at the time and I stand by that decision. : )


Rain Rain & More Rain!

Well I took off work for a week to get a lot done around the house. Yard work and boat work were on the top of the list. Of course the rain has slowed the progress down but on a good note I did get out there and get some things accomplished.

I have a 1996 Mastercraft Maristar that I bought new in 1997 the vinyl finally gave out on me last year so I had all the seats reupholstered I had to unbolt them all from the hull which was not a fun job hidden bolts in impossible to reach places. I think they bolted these in when the boat was in 2 pieces. Anyway I have repaired the vinyl and the seating is back in. I also rewired the interior lighting and the radio. Batteries are on a trickle charge now and I've got my eye on the long term weather forecast as this boat is an inboard and I must wait until the danger of freezing is over as I've learned this lesson the hard way.

The tilt/trim unit has arrived and I will get to work on cleaning it up and getting it ready as well. Still waiting on a surge of cash flow to get the engine moving in the right direction. A bit of warm weather would put me in the mood but we will see.

All things considered for the week progress is being made.


Its Christmas! Or at least for me!

The UPS man delivered my presents from Livorsi Marine. Shifter, Gauges, Speaker Covers, and a slew of other items I picked out have arrived just in time to put back in the box and sit them on the shelf for a few months : (

Well I was hoping my poker winnings would be more than they have been so I could have some play money for this project LOL. Hit some cold cards lately but I am still slightly up overall which is better then being down.

Until I break the bank or get some more of my own time in on the project it will just have to creep along best I can manage. Still I am optimistic about my July 4th kick off but I admit I grow worrisome about the deadline. I must think positive and big and a little luck and or charity would go a long way ; )

The gauges are great and Livorsi emailed me for some finished pictures of the gauges installed for their website/catalog which would be neat to see. Ill get some pics up later as I install them. There is a section in the blog with the gauges posted already.

Hood Tinkering

Well I'll be heading to the marine store after work today to get my first batch of fiberglass repair products. A good buddy told me if I can do sloppy wallpapering I can do fiberglass repair. I think I can handle that.

So... more stuff tools, items, toxic adhesives and resins for the cellar shelves! Cool : ) my wife should have me killed soon I'm guessing.

I already got yelled at for painting the cowling on the back porch but it's what guys do!!! Women just don't understand that now that I've wrecked the porch it just makes me committed to painting it for the spring. See ladies guy thinking 101 at the best here. Let us wreck things it makes us all the more motivated to buy something new.

Ah well my back is feeling better, the weather is warming and the lake is thawed soon I'll be tackling the floors in the boat but for now I'm working on my hood emblems a little at a time.


Esnipe Rules!

If you don't know what it is look it up because it saves you huge amounts of time and money if you use eBay for anything.

Well they said I would never find a power trim for this motor, yet alone in good condition. They were very rare and hardly used at the time (1973), and although an option for that engine that year... few in good condition survive.

Bottom line is this boat once done is possibly unsafe with a 135hp engine on it without power trim. So I did what I must to find the one part for the boat that I knew would prove elusive and thanks to esnipe I was victorious.

I get a 1973 power trim in great condition that was used in freshwater only. Pictures below.


Engine Rebuild Begins.

Well I started in on the engine this weekend. Prop came off easy enough. I drained the lower unit and it was 1/2 gear oil and 1/2 water hmmm.... may be a hidden problem I'll find out more when lower unit is removed.

Carbs looked good no issues that I saw. I started cleaning up the engine casing and noticed something was a bit off. The hood would not fit back in place. It was never on great when I got it but upon further examination they must have dropped this engine off a truck because the engine case is bent grrrrr.... easy enough fix I guess a bit of heat and a big wrench should do it. I'll worry about that later.

I stripped everything off the cowling to get ready for paint (hood gasket, staples). Inside I removed the soundproofing and cleaned it all with Acetone all shiny new now. So now I need to repair the fiberglass damage from the shipping again I'll save that for a nice sunny spring day in a nice afternoon breeze.

All in all about 3 hrs work without putting too much strain on the back.

Price To Pay

Well I have the engine now mounted on an engine mount I threw together from scrap wood. I got it off the pallot that it was delivered on and carried it to my basement with my brothers help. I think we could have used 2 more guys to do this because I have now thrown my back out. : (

I swear if I can ever get healthy and the weather warms I will make progress. I have taken some good pictures of the engine and it looks good... Famous last words right? I admit I'm not an engine expert but should get some help soon from some friends that know what to do. I will watch, help and learn a few things I am sure. I look forward to starting the work on the motor.

I started the paperwork on the engine claim from the damage during shipping who knows it may offset some of the cost.

I uncovered the boat the other day as it was 62 here at home and today it is snowing again, you gotta love New England.

Well I need at least two weeks to heal myself before I can heal the engine. Chow for now.


One step forward and two steps back

Well yesterday they dropped off the 1973 Evinrude 135hp Starflight I found in excellent shape in TX. When the shipping company unloaded it I noticed damage on the packing upon further examination it looks like they either dragged this thing upside down for a mile or it fell off the truck on the highway. The engine cowling has damage to the fiberglass in multiple spots the lower cavitation plate is broken and the prop is trashed. Most things can be fixed easy enough but I just get pissed off thinking about some clowns who really don't care about anyone's property sitting on their forklift and getting over paid to trash my property.

If there is any good news to this I will file a claim to get some of this fixed again but as I've said it just seems like one step forward and two back. I'll post some pics soon but at least the engine is here and the guts look pretty good so far but until you open it up and look who knows. On a funny note the hole in the engine on the rear of the cowling looks like the bullet hole from the movie so thats a bonus LOL.



Ok I lived. Many many tests later I am good to go. Diagnosis was probably small kidney stones that I passed. Glad I didn't have big ones as the small ones hurt bad enough.

No one sent me flowers or the million bucks but ehh... I'm alive right?

I expect the engine here any day now and get to open it up and see what I bought for 750.00 a pile of rust or a very nice clean working engine hmmm.... the suspense is killing me.

My lake is thawing out and already half the ice is gone I am tempted to don my 6mm wetsuit and put the docks in (my way of demanding that winter go and spring to arrive) I look forward to cleaning up my yard which looks like a bomb hit it and uncovering the boats and getting to work. As you may recall I have no garage to work in so I've waited out the cold.

Dogs had fun this winter running around on the ice that finally froze solid for the first time in 2 years so they are not as fat as I am as I did no running but more lounging. I need to start my routine again and get ready for the summer it is coming.... and if it dosen't come soon I'll just get out there with my wetsuit hood and booties and do it anyway. I am done with winter for the year.


Franks & Beans

Ok I'm sure no one really cares but... My back is killing me and it seems I may have a kidney stone. Oh they are so much fun. I am just on the verge of spring and I'm layed up hurting. Pain has gone right around to the tile of this post.

Well if I live I'll post again soon if I don't send some flowers. Sure no one wants to give me a million bucks? I'm sure it would make me feel better. Owwwwww!

On the lighter side I should be getting that motor shipped up in a week I look forward to getting to work on it.


1973 Evinrude 135hp Starflight Found! "THE" jump engine!

Well once again an engine update! Found this time for sure a 1973 Evinrude Starflight 135 hp engine! A lifelong freshwater engine to boot coming out of TX : ( bad for me need to ship it here.

It does not have trim this may be scary but it is "THE" movie jump engine and it should push this boat past 60 and push the 007 on the speedo. It looks to be in good shape with some minor cosmetic repairs but I won't really know until I strip it down and get working on it. I expect I'll probably put a lot into it to restore it as it is a classic as much as the boat.

I hope the search is finally over its been exhausting looking for this engine and many times I was ready to compromise to go with a similar engine that would be close in performance but not the original.

I am very grateful to David Rogers who called me with the engine he had just bought off Craigslist localy. He had seen my ad on Craigslist searching for the engine. It is due to be shipped up here in a few weeks and then we will see what we have. I can hardly wait.


Facebook Badge Added

Check out my Facebook page and add me as a friend love to stay in touch with any friends of the blog on an ongoing basis!! Snow is melting today and that's a good thing lol

Please make sure you send me a message in facebook as well introducing yourself or I may delete you by accident.


FIberClassics Boats - Buy a "NEW" GT150 today!

Well I got to admit I love restoring an old boat and bringing it back to new but there are some downsides. Lots of $$$$ spent, lots of work, lots of time and lots of luck in finding the perfect boat. Also a full restoration is not for everyone.

But... I've just been introduced to FiberClassics Boats they are a manufacturer of boats and watercraft right here in Massachusetts remaking some of the best of the older runabouts at very very reasonable prices. Currently they are making the GT150 with custom options and colors and have plans to make the classic G3 in a jet drive version, very very cool!

If anyone wants one of these boats in perfect condition without having to spend the time, effort, and money to restore one you have got to check these guys out!

Mario is the owner and their facilities are below: Tell him Alan from "Shaken Not Stirred" sent you for a sweet deal they have GT's ready to go now for the spring.

Middlesex PowerSports Center & Marina
3 Middlesex Road - Tyngsboro, Massachusetts 01879
(978) 251-3774 - e-mail: contactus@middlesexpowersports.com
website: www.MiddlesexPowerSports.com

Starting price is only $2,500 for a new boat! A bit more with custom options and engine choices.