Here's Johnny !!!

Well no more excuses now. Its spring the day was cool and I had nothing to do but get busy on the boat. First the easy stuff using the heat gun on the remaining boat stickers made short order of that task! Now I am all ready for sanding.

Then the moment of truth I must cut out the back of the boat that is fiberglassed to the transom to remove the top. A few well placed cut thanks to some great pictures from some blog friends and it was easier than I thought POP just like that it released. Woke my neighbor from his Sunday nap and the two of us with some help from my wife separated the boat top from the hull.

The dogs thought this was very cool so I took them for an imaginary ride! They seemed to like it. They don't care so long as its nice out and the wind is blowing. I had to make engine noises for effect.

Looking over the boats hull there is still plenty of work to do I must cut out the stringers and with my track record of twice going through the hull I'm not very confident I can stop screwing this up. But what the hell... So I plug in my sawzall and don my mask... *Evil Grin* Here's Johnny!!!!!!!!!


Steve said...

Now you're cookiin. Carry on!

mangoman said...


Looks just like mine did. I have so many ideas of how I would go about it differently. One day I will. Happy working!!!

Steve said...

Alan, checking in, you still workin on it? post pics. i feel lonely out here!

Alan Williamson Jr. said...

I've been a bit behind with work getting busy and a lack of funds. But no excuses should be into it this weekend I will post soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, man! You can see my projects on DIY Boats Blog.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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