One step forward and two steps back

Well yesterday they dropped off the 1973 Evinrude 135hp Starflight I found in excellent shape in TX. When the shipping company unloaded it I noticed damage on the packing upon further examination it looks like they either dragged this thing upside down for a mile or it fell off the truck on the highway. The engine cowling has damage to the fiberglass in multiple spots the lower cavitation plate is broken and the prop is trashed. Most things can be fixed easy enough but I just get pissed off thinking about some clowns who really don't care about anyone's property sitting on their forklift and getting over paid to trash my property.

If there is any good news to this I will file a claim to get some of this fixed again but as I've said it just seems like one step forward and two back. I'll post some pics soon but at least the engine is here and the guts look pretty good so far but until you open it up and look who knows. On a funny note the hole in the engine on the rear of the cowling looks like the bullet hole from the movie so thats a bonus LOL.



Ok I lived. Many many tests later I am good to go. Diagnosis was probably small kidney stones that I passed. Glad I didn't have big ones as the small ones hurt bad enough.

No one sent me flowers or the million bucks but ehh... I'm alive right?

I expect the engine here any day now and get to open it up and see what I bought for 750.00 a pile of rust or a very nice clean working engine hmmm.... the suspense is killing me.

My lake is thawing out and already half the ice is gone I am tempted to don my 6mm wetsuit and put the docks in (my way of demanding that winter go and spring to arrive) I look forward to cleaning up my yard which looks like a bomb hit it and uncovering the boats and getting to work. As you may recall I have no garage to work in so I've waited out the cold.

Dogs had fun this winter running around on the ice that finally froze solid for the first time in 2 years so they are not as fat as I am as I did no running but more lounging. I need to start my routine again and get ready for the summer it is coming.... and if it dosen't come soon I'll just get out there with my wetsuit hood and booties and do it anyway. I am done with winter for the year.


Franks & Beans

Ok I'm sure no one really cares but... My back is killing me and it seems I may have a kidney stone. Oh they are so much fun. I am just on the verge of spring and I'm layed up hurting. Pain has gone right around to the tile of this post.

Well if I live I'll post again soon if I don't send some flowers. Sure no one wants to give me a million bucks? I'm sure it would make me feel better. Owwwwww!

On the lighter side I should be getting that motor shipped up in a week I look forward to getting to work on it.


1973 Evinrude 135hp Starflight Found! "THE" jump engine!

Well once again an engine update! Found this time for sure a 1973 Evinrude Starflight 135 hp engine! A lifelong freshwater engine to boot coming out of TX : ( bad for me need to ship it here.

It does not have trim this may be scary but it is "THE" movie jump engine and it should push this boat past 60 and push the 007 on the speedo. It looks to be in good shape with some minor cosmetic repairs but I won't really know until I strip it down and get working on it. I expect I'll probably put a lot into it to restore it as it is a classic as much as the boat.

I hope the search is finally over its been exhausting looking for this engine and many times I was ready to compromise to go with a similar engine that would be close in performance but not the original.

I am very grateful to David Rogers who called me with the engine he had just bought off Craigslist localy. He had seen my ad on Craigslist searching for the engine. It is due to be shipped up here in a few weeks and then we will see what we have. I can hardly wait.