Here's Johnny !!!

Well no more excuses now. Its spring the day was cool and I had nothing to do but get busy on the boat. First the easy stuff using the heat gun on the remaining boat stickers made short order of that task! Now I am all ready for sanding.

Then the moment of truth I must cut out the back of the boat that is fiberglassed to the transom to remove the top. A few well placed cut thanks to some great pictures from some blog friends and it was easier than I thought POP just like that it released. Woke my neighbor from his Sunday nap and the two of us with some help from my wife separated the boat top from the hull.

The dogs thought this was very cool so I took them for an imaginary ride! They seemed to like it. They don't care so long as its nice out and the wind is blowing. I had to make engine noises for effect.

Looking over the boats hull there is still plenty of work to do I must cut out the stringers and with my track record of twice going through the hull I'm not very confident I can stop screwing this up. But what the hell... So I plug in my sawzall and don my mask... *Evil Grin* Here's Johnny!!!!!!!!!


Revenge of the Power Washer

Once I got home from work today I couldn't help but go outside and enjoy the first true day of spring here. It was sunny, warm, and beautiful and I looked at both my boats covered in 6 months of debris and knew what I had to do.

I found my pressure washer and got it cleaned off put some new spark plugs in it and gassed it up. Ready, set, go...... WHOOSH I'm soaked!!! The wand blew up due to a cracked brass valve in the handle. Off to Lowe's for a new wand.

30 minutes later I'm back the wand is repaired the pressure washer is running I squeeze the trigger and dirt, debris, mold, and stuff go flying muhahahahahahaaaa! This is the only way to clean the hell with the scrubbers. Another 3o minutes and my boat looks my my dog after a bath... beaten down, dripping wet, and oh so squeaky clean.

Now for the doggies. "Noah!!! Max!!!! Come! I got a treat for you!" J/K : )

Plus they have a personal shower room with body sprays and steam.


Double Trouble

Well I was working on the Mastercraft this week and I couldn't leave well enough alone. As I was bolting in the reupholstered seats I was busy ripping out carpet, the floor and a host of other things that were getting old and bothering me. Not that I had enough to do with the GT150 now I have to get fixed what I messed up in the Mastercraft LOL Ah well a few more weeks until I can launch the Mastercraft anyway which gives me a few more poker nights OH GOD please let me crush all the fish so I can boat this year... : )

Anyway its all good working on the Glastron has inspired me to fix the Mastercraft back up to par as well. Next year I hope to actually repaint the Mastercraft and bring it back to new condition its been 13 years now that I've owned it and it really is a great boat. To replace it now is $70,000 after sticker discount! Why my wife left me at the boat show and went home alone telling me I was crazy 13 years ago when I traded in my old boat for that one plus $25,000 I still have no idea I told her it was a great deal at the time and I stand by that decision. : )


Rain Rain & More Rain!

Well I took off work for a week to get a lot done around the house. Yard work and boat work were on the top of the list. Of course the rain has slowed the progress down but on a good note I did get out there and get some things accomplished.

I have a 1996 Mastercraft Maristar that I bought new in 1997 the vinyl finally gave out on me last year so I had all the seats reupholstered I had to unbolt them all from the hull which was not a fun job hidden bolts in impossible to reach places. I think they bolted these in when the boat was in 2 pieces. Anyway I have repaired the vinyl and the seating is back in. I also rewired the interior lighting and the radio. Batteries are on a trickle charge now and I've got my eye on the long term weather forecast as this boat is an inboard and I must wait until the danger of freezing is over as I've learned this lesson the hard way.

The tilt/trim unit has arrived and I will get to work on cleaning it up and getting it ready as well. Still waiting on a surge of cash flow to get the engine moving in the right direction. A bit of warm weather would put me in the mood but we will see.

All things considered for the week progress is being made.