Its Christmas! Or at least for me!

The UPS man delivered my presents from Livorsi Marine. Shifter, Gauges, Speaker Covers, and a slew of other items I picked out have arrived just in time to put back in the box and sit them on the shelf for a few months : (

Well I was hoping my poker winnings would be more than they have been so I could have some play money for this project LOL. Hit some cold cards lately but I am still slightly up overall which is better then being down.

Until I break the bank or get some more of my own time in on the project it will just have to creep along best I can manage. Still I am optimistic about my July 4th kick off but I admit I grow worrisome about the deadline. I must think positive and big and a little luck and or charity would go a long way ; )

The gauges are great and Livorsi emailed me for some finished pictures of the gauges installed for their website/catalog which would be neat to see. Ill get some pics up later as I install them. There is a section in the blog with the gauges posted already.

Hood Tinkering

Well I'll be heading to the marine store after work today to get my first batch of fiberglass repair products. A good buddy told me if I can do sloppy wallpapering I can do fiberglass repair. I think I can handle that.

So... more stuff tools, items, toxic adhesives and resins for the cellar shelves! Cool : ) my wife should have me killed soon I'm guessing.

I already got yelled at for painting the cowling on the back porch but it's what guys do!!! Women just don't understand that now that I've wrecked the porch it just makes me committed to painting it for the spring. See ladies guy thinking 101 at the best here. Let us wreck things it makes us all the more motivated to buy something new.

Ah well my back is feeling better, the weather is warming and the lake is thawed soon I'll be tackling the floors in the boat but for now I'm working on my hood emblems a little at a time.


Esnipe Rules!

If you don't know what it is look it up because it saves you huge amounts of time and money if you use eBay for anything.

Well they said I would never find a power trim for this motor, yet alone in good condition. They were very rare and hardly used at the time (1973), and although an option for that engine that year... few in good condition survive.

Bottom line is this boat once done is possibly unsafe with a 135hp engine on it without power trim. So I did what I must to find the one part for the boat that I knew would prove elusive and thanks to esnipe I was victorious.

I get a 1973 power trim in great condition that was used in freshwater only. Pictures below.


Engine Rebuild Begins.

Well I started in on the engine this weekend. Prop came off easy enough. I drained the lower unit and it was 1/2 gear oil and 1/2 water hmmm.... may be a hidden problem I'll find out more when lower unit is removed.

Carbs looked good no issues that I saw. I started cleaning up the engine casing and noticed something was a bit off. The hood would not fit back in place. It was never on great when I got it but upon further examination they must have dropped this engine off a truck because the engine case is bent grrrrr.... easy enough fix I guess a bit of heat and a big wrench should do it. I'll worry about that later.

I stripped everything off the cowling to get ready for paint (hood gasket, staples). Inside I removed the soundproofing and cleaned it all with Acetone all shiny new now. So now I need to repair the fiberglass damage from the shipping again I'll save that for a nice sunny spring day in a nice afternoon breeze.

All in all about 3 hrs work without putting too much strain on the back.

Price To Pay

Well I have the engine now mounted on an engine mount I threw together from scrap wood. I got it off the pallot that it was delivered on and carried it to my basement with my brothers help. I think we could have used 2 more guys to do this because I have now thrown my back out. : (

I swear if I can ever get healthy and the weather warms I will make progress. I have taken some good pictures of the engine and it looks good... Famous last words right? I admit I'm not an engine expert but should get some help soon from some friends that know what to do. I will watch, help and learn a few things I am sure. I look forward to starting the work on the motor.

I started the paperwork on the engine claim from the damage during shipping who knows it may offset some of the cost.

I uncovered the boat the other day as it was 62 here at home and today it is snowing again, you gotta love New England.

Well I need at least two weeks to heal myself before I can heal the engine. Chow for now.