Engine Rebuild Begins.

Well I started in on the engine this weekend. Prop came off easy enough. I drained the lower unit and it was 1/2 gear oil and 1/2 water hmmm.... may be a hidden problem I'll find out more when lower unit is removed.

Carbs looked good no issues that I saw. I started cleaning up the engine casing and noticed something was a bit off. The hood would not fit back in place. It was never on great when I got it but upon further examination they must have dropped this engine off a truck because the engine case is bent grrrrr.... easy enough fix I guess a bit of heat and a big wrench should do it. I'll worry about that later.

I stripped everything off the cowling to get ready for paint (hood gasket, staples). Inside I removed the soundproofing and cleaned it all with Acetone all shiny new now. So now I need to repair the fiberglass damage from the shipping again I'll save that for a nice sunny spring day in a nice afternoon breeze.

All in all about 3 hrs work without putting too much strain on the back.


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