Shake, Rattle 'N' Roll

Ok new update on the Mastercraft again... Bad ignition was the diagnosis and when the Mastercraft guy is scratching his head and shrugging his shoulders you know your in trouble. Took a bit to figure it out but it was the ignition.

So off I went the next day to buy an ignition what do I know I figured they are all alike WRONG. So I kill myself cramped up in a 1'x1' hole replacing the wrong ignition FUN... Next day I buy correct ignition go back into hole and replace. 3-2-1 she fires up YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Time for a test drive at once I knew something isn't right I've had this boat 16 years and this wasn't my boat. First off its shaking which mechanic says is due to it sitting BS I know better. All stop ahead check all fluids and "wella" I'm down 2 qts of oil after a new engine replacement last year which has never been started. Grrrr......... Mechanics can really piss me off sometimes.

Once again I get her warmed up and up to speed to only hear funny sounds coming from the engine area power is not what I am use to see and in the turns my boat is moving like its pregnant. Time to shut her down and call for help again. Mechanic is due out in a day they claim the timing is probably off. So I wait yet again for something to be fixed and in the meantime I'll buy my boat a watch.

Lets not even talk about the GT yet sorry but I'm going broke fixing the Mastercraft. No worries it will get done eventually.


3-2-1 Nothing!!!

Saturday was boat day! I was home working like mad to finally get the Mastercraft back in the water. Vacuumed everything, washed everything, vinyl stickers of boat name on, water pump installed and working, seats scrubbed, new speedometer installed, dash reassembled, Windshield installed, floor painted with texture paint, batteries charged and installed with terminals cleaned, de-winterized boat by installing all plugs and were ready to put in the water! Ready to turn key to check that we have ignition 3-2-1 nothing!!!!! Just a weird click sound and then all power to the boat goes dead. Checks fuses checks battery connection all good still nothing. Hmmm... 5 minutes later the blower comes on all by itself must be a reset switch on the engine. So we try it again with the same results 5 minutes later I got power again. Time to call it a night as rain is due for the next 5 days so I'll ask around and try to figure it out let us hope its something simple I can't not have it running this year.... SIGH

Update: After a call to Mastercraft they feel it is a battery terminal connection problem. I have two batteries with a switch one of them I know is dead so... In theory if I switch over to the good battery "ONLY" it should turn over. I'll check it out and put a charge on the other dead battery. SO close to being on the water again...


Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

OK, I finally got off my butt this weekend and got out the grinder to remove the stringers and bow pieces of wood. Everything I cut into to release the fiberglass had termites pouring out of it. THOUSANDS of them!!!

I'm not real good with bugs and they were everywhere. With some phobias conquered and a hose I went to war and glad can report a victory. I was too freaked out to remember to take some pics of course which I regret now because it would have made an excellent picture.

Glad to report that most of the cutting is done now I need to clean up the hull and grind off the excess fiberglass in spots. I also need to finish cutting out the transom. Next weekend will be the goal for finishing up the clean out of the boat hull and starting on the rebuild!

I've been a bit lazy with the camera I'll get on it and get some progress pics posted in a few days.

Looks like I am not going to make my project completion deadline but it will get done and I'll be glad I didn't sacrifice along the way. I intend to keep this boat for a while.

Hope all of you are starting to enjoy the nicer weather up north and looking forward to a great summer. Now if I can just find some time I can get some of my to do list done!!!