Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

OK, I finally got off my butt this weekend and got out the grinder to remove the stringers and bow pieces of wood. Everything I cut into to release the fiberglass had termites pouring out of it. THOUSANDS of them!!!

I'm not real good with bugs and they were everywhere. With some phobias conquered and a hose I went to war and glad can report a victory. I was too freaked out to remember to take some pics of course which I regret now because it would have made an excellent picture.

Glad to report that most of the cutting is done now I need to clean up the hull and grind off the excess fiberglass in spots. I also need to finish cutting out the transom. Next weekend will be the goal for finishing up the clean out of the boat hull and starting on the rebuild!

I've been a bit lazy with the camera I'll get on it and get some progress pics posted in a few days.

Looks like I am not going to make my project completion deadline but it will get done and I'll be glad I didn't sacrifice along the way. I intend to keep this boat for a while.

Hope all of you are starting to enjoy the nicer weather up north and looking forward to a great summer. Now if I can just find some time I can get some of my to do list done!!!


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