My Project

This is the boat as I bought it on November 1st, 2008 see blog below for updates.

Please take your time and explore the blog there is much information here about the movie, the boat and my restoration project. I will update the blog as I go with many edits along the way so be sure to keep checking back. I think there is something here for everyone. As you scroll down the blog you will see the most recent entries as I have dated the first few entries with a late date to ensure they stay at the top of the blog.

My guest book will be included in a "Time Capsule" inserted in the boat when finished please be sure to sign it!

I hope to be able to both learn from and educate others while working on my project and expect to make many friends along the way. As always comments and ideas are welcome in any section! I love to hear from followers of the blog!

"The Jump" from Live and Let Die with a stock '72 Glastron GT150 & 135 hp eng was landed 10/16/72. It set a World Record of 110ft. It stood for 3 yrs.

Please Sign My Guestbook It Will Be Included In The Time Capsule In The Boat


So... I was thinking today why not try to get some help for this project. Heck if Barak Obama can raise 785 million in donations I can raise 10K can't I? It's almost unpatriotic not to try.

Therefore any donations from friends of the 007 restoration project will get personally recognized on a donators plaque as the boat makes its rounds at boat shows, car shows, not to mention immortalized in the "time capsule" (see blog) etc...

Sponsorship levels I figured out just for fun would be:

Dr. NO: Any of my friends who ignore my plea for help.
BOND GIRL: Any woman sending in a donation.
FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE: Anyone donating over 1 ruble or a donation from Russia
007 AGENT: Send $7.00 and your listed.
GOLDEN EYE: Contributions over $25.00
DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER: Contributions Over $100.00
LICENSE TO KILL: Contributions that are so big I'd have to kill for you or say thank you very much!

This project is going to cost more than I expected (after reviewing the spreadsheet) to get it right and be true to 007 so... any visitors of this blog than can help your charity is appreciated.
Any amount even $1.00 will help I just need about 9,999 more people to donate $1.00 after that. : )

Honestly I don't expect much but it can't hurt to ask. I just hope someone rich and or famous stops by and likes what I'm doing and feels good about helping out a great guy!

I actually hope to show this boat in boat shows, car shows and contributors will be acknowledged. So any James Bond fans out there that would like to help out just send whatever you can to: on PayPal or mail me at 19 White Island Road, Halifax, MA 02338 USA Anonymous requests are accepted too for any famous people who feel charitable. : )

Please be sure to sign the guest book I will include that in the time capsule as well.

Live and Let Die Boat Chase/Jump

Special Recognition

I would like to say thanks to the Laite family for selling me their boat. I have promised to document the restoration process and give them a ride once the transformation has been completed. I hope to be able to bring the boat back to original condition and really have a truly classic speedboat for fun and R&R. For me there was only one choice and what were the odds I'd find a boat "For Sale" near my home that was the same Make, Model, Year and Color of the 007 boat? I hope to have lots of fun through this process and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

The Laite's just recently sent me some older pictures of the boat I think they are from the 1989 period. The boat looks great at the time and I again hope to restore it to better than new condition.

Let the transformation begin...