"The Jump" from Live and Let Die with a stock '72 Glastron GT150 & 135 hp eng was landed 10/16/72. It set a World Record of 110ft. It stood for 3 yrs.


big dave said...

This is cool. When I was 7 I was there when they filmed that scene down in Plaquimines Parish which is south of New Orleans, LA. My aunt and uncle lived near the marina and canal where this was filmed. This set a great impression on a 7 yr old boy who is now 43 and totally obsessed with boats today. I have rebuilt seaveral bass boats and own Three boats right now. I had a friend who had the exact set up they used in the movie. We had a lot of fun in that boat. Too bad I live too far to help because I would in a heartbeat. Have fun and good luck.

Alan Williamson Jr. said...

Thanks Big Dave if you ever find your way up to the Cape Cod area of MA let me know we will go out for a ride!! Best,

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WakeBoatDepot Guy said...

Interesting Story!

Anonymous said...

What boat broke the record 3 years later?

Anonymous said...

Hello are you putting the steering wheel in the center too? My uncle owned the original boat used in the movie from 1983 - 1996 when he sold it to the ian flemming founation. Its was in my back yard for years and I would play in it pretending to be Bond, good times

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My father worked for Evinrude and supplied the engines for the Live & Let Die movie; I was a teenager and accompanied him for the almost 30 days of filming. Of the 4 outboard powered rigs, they consumed 22 outboards and countless gearcases and propellers in all. They set-up a fiberglass repair shop that worked all night to get the boats ready for the next day of filming.

I can say that all the motors and most of the boats were box-stock. The GT-150's (there were 4 in all) were a little special. Two of the four were "Bond" boats for the jump. Those boats received extra glass reinforcement in the transom and the bottom and a couple of extra stringers. They were also race-rigged with everything on the centerline (steering, seat, fuel, battery), had foot throttles and all non-essentials removed. Also, the running surfaces were blueprinted.

We were told that they needed 60 mph for the jump and during testing in Wisconsin, we were in the 62-65 mph range. I believe the final setup was 3-1/2 inches up with a 25" cleaver produced 5750 rpm at WOT. What we did not know was that they would add the wedges to the hull for leveling the jump so the best we could do in Louisiana was 57 mph.

It's interesting to note that this jump was completely unknown territory at the time so the stunt driver asked for, and received, an additional $10K on jump day! Also, there was no practice of the jump - one and done - good thing they had 6 camera angles on it.

The jump boat and motor came out unscathed and although it may have looked like it crashed, he recovered without incident. Nearly all the damage came from roads, rocks and trees.

My father worked a deal with Glastron and we were able to purchase one of the non-jump GT-150's and we cobbled together enough broken motor parts to make one good one. Since the boat was only rated for 90HP, we used an 85HP cowl to appease the DNR and piss-off the lake property owners who represented Johnson, Mercury and Chrysler in the day!

Z28500 said...

Looks pretty cool! I also have a '72 GT 150 which I restored after buying it out of someones backyard for $40.00! It had plants and other growth in the rotten wood which I tore out and did a deck off complete restoration. I used to build boats for a living so it wasn't very hard. It has an Evinrude 85 which looks very similar to the 135 used in the film. It weighs about 900 lbs. after the new wood and does about 50 mph. It WILL GO airborne if a wave is hit just right. I wouldn't recommend it on just any GT-150 unless the transom is reinforced. I cracked mine inside the motorwell and had to take it back apart and re-glass it, then reinforced the transom by glassing in 2 plywood struts from the floor to the transom on each side of the motorwell. The 3 - 6 gallon gas tanks fit perfect and now I can go airborne no problem! Fun fun fun. I know that in the movie it technically wasn't 007's boat, but he was the only one who drove it though. Therefore, I have "007" on each side of the windshield. Lots of people try to catch up with me whenever I take it out so they can complement and look at it. We are actually good friends with a couple we met a few years back after we met in that manner.
Anyway, I already had the 85 Evinrude and after the restoration, I have about $400.00 in the whole boat! And it's shiny!
Hats off to the designer of the "Aqua Lift" hull which reminds me of a Tri-hull trying to pass as a pointy bow. I've only had it in fresh water but I saw one in the ocean on an images site that I can't find a second time, but it was probably the Gulf.
I'm on and I'll post some pic's soon.

Paul Davison said...

I have a question

I live in New Orleans. One of the location scenes of Live and Let Die is listed as Pheonix Louisiana where the jump scene took place. Both Crawdad and Miller bridge are also mentioned on highway 39. I don't see either of these bridges,nor does highway 11 run over or through 39

Anonymous said...

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