Rain Rain & More Rain!

Well I took off work for a week to get a lot done around the house. Yard work and boat work were on the top of the list. Of course the rain has slowed the progress down but on a good note I did get out there and get some things accomplished.

I have a 1996 Mastercraft Maristar that I bought new in 1997 the vinyl finally gave out on me last year so I had all the seats reupholstered I had to unbolt them all from the hull which was not a fun job hidden bolts in impossible to reach places. I think they bolted these in when the boat was in 2 pieces. Anyway I have repaired the vinyl and the seating is back in. I also rewired the interior lighting and the radio. Batteries are on a trickle charge now and I've got my eye on the long term weather forecast as this boat is an inboard and I must wait until the danger of freezing is over as I've learned this lesson the hard way.

The tilt/trim unit has arrived and I will get to work on cleaning it up and getting it ready as well. Still waiting on a surge of cash flow to get the engine moving in the right direction. A bit of warm weather would put me in the mood but we will see.

All things considered for the week progress is being made.

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