Revenge of the Power Washer

Once I got home from work today I couldn't help but go outside and enjoy the first true day of spring here. It was sunny, warm, and beautiful and I looked at both my boats covered in 6 months of debris and knew what I had to do.

I found my pressure washer and got it cleaned off put some new spark plugs in it and gassed it up. Ready, set, go...... WHOOSH I'm soaked!!! The wand blew up due to a cracked brass valve in the handle. Off to Lowe's for a new wand.

30 minutes later I'm back the wand is repaired the pressure washer is running I squeeze the trigger and dirt, debris, mold, and stuff go flying muhahahahahahaaaa! This is the only way to clean the hell with the scrubbers. Another 3o minutes and my boat looks my my dog after a bath... beaten down, dripping wet, and oh so squeaky clean.

Now for the doggies. "Noah!!! Max!!!! Come! I got a treat for you!" J/K : )

Plus they have a personal shower room with body sprays and steam.

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